Deap Vally

Monday. Schubas. It’s a small space, and people are anxious, buying drinks and laughing, looking at the stage. It’s 9:25PM  and we’re ready. 

Two women go on.  One, wild white hair, a lion’s mane that flows extends swims with every move. The other, a brunette, chopped hair that matches the hard attitude, a gold one piece suit that looks soft to the touch and extends just past the butt checks. One guitar, one drum kit, two microphones. 

They start and the sexual tension rises as the brunette pulls a rock n roll jam that reminds me of the 70s, Janis Joplin, and no fucks given. She rolls with the guitar, makes love to it and we’re entranced. The best part? They know what the fuck they’re doing. 

Rock. The essential blues. A guttural voice joined by angelic back up vocals. And a mix of good lyrics. The feminist duo that make up the group of Deep Vally. Dont miss them,  they are coming up,  hard. And they do what they want in the best way.


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