Happy Trendy “Die Young” on YouTube

I took a course in college on “Literature from the beginning of time till 2000”, more than a few years back. He did an in depth overview for each period and how the times affected the literature. Walt Whitman – Romanticism, Kafka – Modernism, so on.

I wonder, are we the Age of the Die Young?  The generation of kids that grow up seeing war,  suicide bombings,  corruption all over the world. The kids that grow up with the news on 24/7, it’s become so accessible we scroll thru it on our phones without a second thought. Information is our fingertips, everything is easy. Social media is eating our brains. That perhaps we die young out of thought – no mental process, consideration, human concern. Or we die young out of death – we’ve been killed by the drugs we poison our bodies with, or by others that choose to hate.

As I type this my boyfriend sends me a text: Stop overthinking, enjoy yourself.  We only live once!


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