Rapture in the Seas

He plunges head first into the cooling waters of the bay

head first into the unknown, deep within himself.

He finds the small pinfishes of his childhood,

the small crabs and the slimy underfoot of what he does not wish to know.

He swims freely to the closest thing he knows as bliss:

the sun’s rays pole through the bay’s waves

the calm, the raging salt, the warmth that radiates thru skin.

Relief sweeps through him,

there is no room for anything else.

Feet shuffle swish sway against the current.

He goes under once more, a marlin, swimming to her

smiling breathlessly grabs her legs and tugs her underneath.

Shrieks of joy are covered by warm water’s embrace

limbs entangle yield move effortlessly

They swiftly bound up, two buoys in the water.


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